Frequently asked questions

Top Wedding Do’s and Don’ts…

1. Do take advantage of today’s technology by using the Internet. There are fabulous sites that suggests wonderful ideas, preferred vendors and great advice.

2. Don’t forget to pamper yourself. Treat yourself, your mother (let’s not forget the mother in~law) and your female attendants to a day at the spa.

3. Do remember to take into consideration the children who will be attending. Ask for a child’s menu and if there is a small room or play area to keep them entertained.

4. Don’t forget to involve step~parents. You may include them by performing a reading at the ceremony or perhaps a toast at the reception.

5. Do consider an individual table salutation. Make your guests feel honored by greeting them personally.

6. Don’t waste time getting to your reception. Have photos taken of your wedding party prior to the ceremony.

7. Do consider a new way of decorating your chairs. You may consider adding a single flower or perhaps an organza wrap. Be creative!!

8. Don’t forget to extend an invitation to your officiant.

9. Do make finding the caterer and baker a priority. Food is an essential part of your event.

10. Don’t seat divorced parents in the same table. Allow them to host their own table in order to avoid any awkward moments.

11. Do take advantage of a wedding consultant. They may have useful information that you may not be aware of and are a wonderful source to relieve stress.

12. Don’t forget to send out thank you notes promptly after your wedding or as the wedding gifts begin to arrive. You may want to express your gratitude within three months.

13. Do begin searching for your musical entertainment 6 to 12 months prior to your event in order to ensure availability.

14. Don’t wait until the last minute to send out invitations. Allow your guests (including out of town guests) ample time to make the necessary arrangements.

15. Do remember to take some time at the reception to take it all in. You have worked very hard the last couple of months, enjoy your day!

Top Event Planning Do’s and Don’ts…

1. Do consider hiring a party planner. They will handle all your planning responsibilities and will allow you to sit back and relax on the day of your event.

2. Don’t seat older guests near a speaker or the band. They may feel uncomfortable throughout the event.

3. Do remember to include fun foods for the children (popcorn, hotdogs, cotton candy, sno-cones etc.)

4. Don’t request “formal attire” or “black tie” at a house or outdoor party.

5. Do send out invitations within 6-8 wekks prior to the event in order to allow your guests to make the necessary travel arrangements.

6. Do include the time a character or the show will begin in order to ensure your guests will arrive on time (you may want to give them an extra 15-20 minutes (for example if ELMO is to arrive @ 2:00pm, write on the invitations 1:45.)

7. Do consider having a seating arrangement for more formal affairs other than weddings.

8. Do contact vendors a couple of days prior to the event to coordinate time of arrival.

9. Do remember to return rental property within a reasonable time in order to avoid any penalties.

10. Don’t forget to relax and have a great time!

Stationery and Wedding Accessories

1. How far in advance should I order my invitations/announcements?

The order should be placed 2-3 months prior to your event. This will allow shipping and assembly time (if required). It will also give you ample time to mail them out.

2. Can I order my invites online?

YES, you may purchase your invites online and there is no extra charge for this convenient service.

3. How much time is needed to order my wedding supplies/accessories?

You should order them 2-4 months prior to your wedding in order to ensure availability and allow assembly time (if required).